Kabeli Bikash Bank : Share Allotment

Kabeli Bikas bank allotment result

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Allotment result of Kabeli Bikash Bank: Notice

Click here to view notice regarding allotment result of Kabeli Bikash Bank limited.

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Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited: AGM

Notice from Standard Chartered Bank Nepal Limited regarding it’s 24th AGM will be held on following date and time.
Date:2067/07/25 (As of 11th Nov. 2010)

Book close: 2067/06/27 to 2067/07/25
Note: Company will publish further notice regarding time and place of AGM

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Prabhu Finance Company Limited: Right share

Prabhu Finance Company Limited will open it’s right share to share holders as follows:
Total share kitta:12,00,000
Open: 2067/07/11
close: 2067/08/15
Share register: Nabil Investment Banking Limited, Chabahil,kathmandu.
Note: Those who have buyed share from secondary market before 2067/06/15 can only have right to apply right share of this bank.

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Merchant Finance company Limited: Promoter share auction

This Bank had announce auction for 4,09,140 kitta share(Promoter).
Open date: 2067/06/20
Close date: 2067/06/24
Auction allotment date: 2067/06/25. Time: 5:30, Place: Growmore Merchant Banker, Durbar Marga.

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Kist Bank Limited: 9th AGM

The 9th Annual General Meeting of Kist Bank Limited will happen on following date and time.
Date: 2067 Kartik 13
Time: 11:00
Place: staff Collage, Jaulakhel, Lalitpur.

Book close: 2067/06/26/ to 2067/07/13
Agenda: 5% dividend, annual report and so on.
Note: This bank had cancel to issue 1:1.5 right share, which been announced by company on it’s 8th AGM.

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Unilever Nepal Limited: Dividend Notice

Unilever Nepal Limited had publish notice regarding dividend to it’s share holders. Contact address of Unilever Nepal Limited at Kathmandu is as follows:

Unilever Nepal Limited
Heritage Plaza, Kamaladi,
Ph- 4253351/4269218
Note: Share register of this company is NIDC Capital Markets Limited. Share holders can collect dividend of previous years from there.

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